So, the other day, I told you Sarah asked me to call her. Needless to say, I called back.

Why did I do that?

If I hadn’t, I could have kept the fantasy going. The fantasy that one day I answer my front door and Sarah is standing there, telling me she has always loved me.

That’s a good fantasy.

But nooooo. I had to return the call.

“Hey Ike! I just wanted you to know I’m coming home for a couple of days and I wanted to get together for dinner…”

Pretty good so far, right? 

Wait for it.

“I got engaged and I want you to meet Sam, my fiancĂ©e… It still sounds funny when I say it…”

There’s nothing funny about that. She’s ENGAGED????????

“I’ve been telling Sam about the prime rib at the Hilton downtown, so we should go there for dinner.”

That’s where WE used to eat when she lived here. I made a fool out of myself several times at the Hilton, after too many Johnnie Walker Blacks and prime rib (their prime rib is KILLER by the way…). I professed my love multiple times at the Hilton, only to be back-handed into the friend zone over and over and over. I’m stupid.

Me: Sure, I’d love to. See you both around 6:00 on Friday…


She is not stupid. She KNOWS I’m in love with her. She’s fu messing with me! Why would she do that? Does watching me twist in the wind entertain her?

“Great! I told Sam all about you, and he can’t wait to meet you!”

Sam. I’m going to dinner with Sarah and… Sam. Tonight.

Dying inside,


Hey. No shop talk today…

So I got that text today (above)

What am I to think here?

I haven’t talked to Sarah in quite a while (7 months, 4 days, 16 hours, to be exact, not that I’m counting), aside from occasional text messages, and now suddenly she wants to talk to me? I’m FINE with texting. I mean, I call her all the time. In this time since we’ve spoken, I have called her lots of times. I leave voice mails, but I never get a call back. I get it - she’s busy. Lawyers never sleep, or so I hear. Yet she never returns my calls with anything more than a text that says “sorry -fell asleep” or “sorry - working on this brief” or whatever. Now she wants me to call her. I wonder if everything’s okay.

Wait - I ALWAYS call her! And she never calls me. Now I’m just supposed to jump because Her Majesty wants me to call? I’m not calling her. If it’s that important, she’ll call me. Whatever man. She’s not the only person with stuff to do. I got two different documentaries I’m working on - whatever. Now she wants to talk to me and I’M busy. Maybe I will text her a “sorry, busy” tomorrow.

Power feels good.


Projects Past & Present

What’s going on production people? This time around, I’d like to talk about a completed project and a new idea I have rattling around in my head.

My first project ever (created 7 years ago) was the short unrequited. It’s the story of a man who has been hopelessly in love with a woman all his life, but never tells her until her 90th birthday. That film is what got me my first OSU Homegrown award. Make sure you check that one out. I always look at that one as “my baby.”

I have been kicking around an idea for a new film, but I don’t have a title yet. I’m calling it Sarah 1, because the female lead kind of reminds me of Sarah. The new story centers on a news reporter who winds up interviewing an up-and-coming supermodel who stood him up when they were in college. That’s all I have so far. I think this can expand easily, though.


So, the other day, I told you Sarah asked me to call her. Needless to say, I called back. Why did I do that? If I had...